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    The path from boys to men is paved with obstacles...with prison rates soaring, graduation rates dropping and the streets claiming a growing number of young men, only the strong can survive. Now, there's help to navigate the turbulent path to manhood. It's called The Message, an easy-to-read, inspirational, page-turning book, full of true-to-life essays that creatively attack the heart of problems that so many young men face growing up in today's society. Not just stocked with problems, The Message is filled with solutions. Each essay is designed to spark discussion to help young men make better decisions, motivate them to strive for more, and propel them to a lifetime of success
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    BE: the dream that sparkled in our ancestors eyes Thousands consider the young man known as Zion as their only hope for salvation. Time is running out as the veil of darkness threatens to consume the Earth and all that inhabit the dying planet. With the help of twelve of the nation’s most prolific spiritual leaders, Zion and two friends risk their lives daily trying to redeem mankind while barely staying a step ahead of the world’s most powerful men – men who have two goals – destroy Zion and his friends, and world domination under as New World Order.
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    BBE: The RE-Awakening Multi-billionaire media tycoon, and head of the Federal Reserve Bank Constance Greenspan, is poised and ready to bring his One World Order into fruition - especially now that he's raised billionaire land baron Donald Chump to be his flunky and the next president of the United States. World domination is imminent. The only thing standing in Greenspan's way is the First Afrikan Truth resistance – a resistance movement to bring humanity under a different order than Greenspan’s. .
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    Bestfriends. Megapreachers… One good. One evil… . As kids, Terrell "TJ" Money and Percival "PC" Turner had one goal, become big-time preachers. But once they accomplished that, heading up One World Faith; the largest church in the Southeast, the best friends disagree on just how they should be leading their flock. TJ Money is living up to his name and looking to capitalize on a congregation more than willing to shell out big bucks for a “man of God”. Percival tries hard to walk the straight and narrow, but eventually the lure of the bling leads him astray.
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    The Resistance The Truth Commission is working overtime to bring light, life and freedom to a New America - by any means necessary. First up, expose the real story behind two high-profile murders. Then, liberate nonviolent drug offenders who have been left to die in the penal system. The Commission was already on a mission - now with Jones leading the way, it's the dawn of a new day. A modern day Robin Hood, Jones is using his money, power and fame to go to war against a system that does not want to be changed.
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    Bishop TJ Money has never made it a secret that he gets what he wants, when he wants, and by any means necessary. He has no problem robbing, stealing, and killing, to protect his holier-than-thou image. So the offer to succeed the first black US president is too tempting to resist. Who cares if the anonymous donors pushing his campaign were behind the mysterious death of the president? TJ is only focused on all the money and power the new position can bring. But what Bishop Money and his new partners don’t account for is the power of the black woman - four of them to be exact. All of whom TJ has wronged at one point or the other during his rise to mega stardom. And just as determined as Bishop TJ Money is to make his new home in the White House, these women will stop at nothing to keep that from happening
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    MVP is the story of two best friends and business partners. Jonathon Parker and Coltrane Jones have a history. The best friends and business partners have been involved in everything from murder to blackmail, whatever it took to rise to stardom they did. Now that they're sitting on top of the world, heading up the two largest and most infamous strip clubs in the nation, the duo has the world at their feet. But now they both want out for different reasons. Coltrane is tired of the drug game, the seedy underworld lifestyle that playas dream of. He's hoping to settle down with the new woman in his life. Jonathan, who is now a top sought after criminal attorney, is ready to get out of the game, too. But that's because he has his eye set on the Governor's Mansion. And now, with the backing of major political players, he just might get it. There's only one catch. Jonathan has to make a major coup... bring down his best friend, the notorious MVP, Coltrane Jones.
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    Its been five years since Karen Parker killed her father and brother. Not a day has passed that Karen hasn't regretted what she did, and now she has vowed revenge on the man who drove her to it - Coltrane Jones, the strip club mogul her district attorney brother sent to prison for life, the same man her defense attorney father helped to vindicate. For five years, Karen Parker has obsessed, plotted and planned. And now that she is in position for revenge, nothing will stop Karen from making Coltrane pay. Be careful what you pray for Karen isn't the only one hellbent on revenge. Cheryl "Wild Cherry" Sharell left her wild ways behind years ago. But after Karen leaves her for dead, Cheryl prays for her sanity as she is forced to resurrect Wild Cherry - the only one cunning and crazy enough to destroy Karen Parker.
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   ​​​​​​ & Envisions Publishing presents the first two books in the BE trilogy. BE is an Afri-futuristic modern day re-telliing of the ultimate battle between GOOD and EVIL that will leave you breathless. One World. One Nation. One Hue-manity

BE: The Rise  &   BE: The RE-Awakening

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