First Afrikan Truth Movement
Mission Statement

I AM be-cause we are. We are be-cause I AM. The world is because I AM and I AM because the world is. Without me there is no us and without us there is no me. I AM because of us and us is because I AM.

The First Afrikan Truth Movement is thought manifested into any action with the sole/soul purpose of RE- membering the Afrikan consciousness with the organ.

The organ being referred to is the hue-man physical body. Afrikans BElieve that the body is the community and that the individual is but an organ of the body.

  The First Afrikan Truth Movement is the oldest and first movement following the creation of hue-man kind. The F.A.T. Movement is deeply    cconcerned with bringing up and bringing out the Afrikan consciousness in ALL mankind regardless of hue.

The First Afrikan is committed to community uplift. The First Afrikan believes that he/she is but an organ and the whole of the community is the body. The self is actualized as the whole of the group.

This modern day version of the First Afrikan Truth Movement has evolved into a revolution guided by the Love for ALL the living. Ultimately, the F.A.T. movement’s design is to move the individual to the body of mankind by exterminating ALL agents of division.

This modern day movement was re-born as a result of the conditions and the conditioning of mankind. The First Afrikan spirit re-born in Jihad Uhuru and into his nephew, Truth Testimony has guided them to put information back in-formation through telling and re-telling the Afrikan story through Uncle/Nephew Freedom and Truth talk concerts, books, music, clothing, and jewelry designed to re-unite and re-turn hue man consciousness to its origin of collective oneness.

The catalyst for the modern day F.A.T. movement is the Afrofuturistic re-telling and revisioning of the biblical book of Revelations in the BE: trilogy by Jihad. 

                                                                                                  BE: The Rise  (9-11-2017)

                                           BE: The Re-Awakening (9-11-2017)

                                           BE: The Re-Membering (8-22-2018)

Stay tuned because the F.A.T. Movement is coming to you where ever you may be.
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