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     Labeled as a miscreant at a young age, expelled from one school system after another and barely graduating from an alternative school housed on top of a homeless shelter in downtown Atlanta in 1987, Jihad Shaheed Uhuru rose to kingpin drug dealer status over the next few years. After getting shot, shot at, stabbed, and left paralyzed from a devastating car accident at the age of 21, he went off to prison in1992 at 22.

     While imprisoned he was mentored and inspired by Black men who most will never see the light of day. These supermen behind bars guided him in finding knowledge and love of self through reading Afrikan-centered texts, which led to him writing his award winning and national bestselling life story.

    Since his release in 1999 he has gone on to pen 14 award winning and national best selling books about redemption, self-determination, and resilience, 9 of which he published after re-activating Envisions Publishing in 2005. While raising his young son, writing books, and running multiple businesses Jihad became a full-time student at Atlanta Metropolitan College and Georgia State University in 2010 and in May of 2014 he graduated Summa Cum Laude with the highest GPA from Georgia State University. Thanks to a full scholarship from Georgia State University’s African American Studies Department Jihad was able to continue pursuing his passion and in May of 2016 he graduated Summa Cum Laude, earning a M.A. in African-American Studies.

   When Jihad is not writing he travels around the country speaking at schools, juveniles, outreach centers etc. He's a full time father of one although he never fails to include the seventeen 8-11 year old children he teaches at children's church on Sundays. 


Executive Director
"Every woman, every man is but a limb off the tree of Hue-manity."

Jihad S. Uhuru

Truth Testimony
​   ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
     Being born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana’s Orchard Park low income apartment housing community wasn’t easy for Owen ‘Truth Testimony’ Cowherd. With no father around it seemed natural for Owen to follow in the street life/drug life footsteps of so many black males were around him. For most of his life he was able to dodge the law as he sold drugs in efforts to push his music career forward. In 2008 Truth’s world came crashing down when he went to jail for drug distribution. It was this time that Owen and his Uncle Jihad came reunited. Jihad and others inspired Owen to read about Afrikan culture and Afrikan spirituality as it related directly to brown hued people like himself. Truth also began designing jewelry, clothing, and perfume about the same time as his self-awareness kicked in.

     Shortly after his drug arrest and re-awakening Truth dedicated his life to uplifting others and bring the human family together through his music, which he calls Street Gospel. Under the name Mr. Testimony, Truth released the 2011 sensational debut album “Convict and Confirm.” He followed that up with his sophomore bestselling album “The Struggle is Over.”  Truth has inspired thousands with his music and his words. Having written, recorded, and published over two hundred and fifty songs in nine years, Truth has received several awards and accolades for his music and community outreach including Best West Coast Praise Gospel artist, Leaks Magazine Best Christian artist of the year and several others.

     When Truth is not in the studio, or on the road mentoring, speaking, or performing, or making Afro-futuristic Jewelry, perfume, and clothing he’s home raising his two young sons.
Managing Director
"There is no religion higher than Truth."

For the last three years Jihad and his nephew Truth have been planning and preparing to unveil the First Afrikan Truth Movement, the movement to reunite humanity through African-centered wholeness. To fuel the movement, to raise awareness and bring the human community together Truth and Jihad are offering F.A.T.  books, F.A.T jewelry, F.A.T. perfume, and F.A.T. clothing right here on Firstafrikantruth.com.

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